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MARDO._ is a clothing brand focused on modern intellectuals; using historical and creative analysis, every collection reflects relevant events and spirits of the modern culture. Brand’s main message is finding a balance between trending and eternal, edges of virtual and real; centering around a question about one’s comfortable self-expression. Neat-sexy looks, retro futurism references, inspiration from our planet and nature - is the brand’s foundation. It’s sort of a reflection of the brand’s designer - Andrey Mardo, on the current events, his idea about how a person would comfortably self-express tomorrow.

The brand is intended for people focused on personal expansion through their looks. The brand creates RTW pieces with a complex yet functional cut, based on exploration of the human body in all of it's beauty and forms.

A distinct focus of the brand is high quality and usage of eco-friendly materials in every collection. It’s important for the brand to explore how to decrease fashion industry’s impact on the environment. Andrey Mardo (the brand’s designer) is a committed vegetarian; it’s essential for the brand to make sure, that no animals were harmed during the production. We fundamentally never use real leather and silk, that harms silkworms. All leather products, including bags and the sensational pants, are made of Vegan leather and polyurethane, that are less harmful for the environment during production. The famous cutout dresses and printed tops are made out of fabric produced from recycled ocean plastic. All the pieces are initially created in 3D, which helps the brand to save nature’s resources, usually wasted on multiple samples, allowing us to save all the material for the final production. All the clothes and accessories are created in Moscow with a high attention to ethically correct production and manual labour usage.

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